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last update 2017 November 3

All my items below are for sale (or can be traded for other game parts). What you see is what you get.

Payment for European buyers by IBAN / BIC money transfer only. Buyers from UK or USA can use PayPal.

Please be informed the shipping costs from Belgium are rather high (+/- 12,5 Euros). I can send from Belgium or from The Netherlands.

Shipping from Belgium
Shipping from The Netherlands

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Targui (1988) (11,-EU)

2 complete Dragon Dice sets + Rules + Bags + Box (15,00EU)

Citadel Journal 47 (2,50EU)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (1st edition) (26,-EU)

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PAGE 6 (GI Joe) I do sell at BoardGameGeek too: BoardGameMarket

Contact me by email: tommy at toco dot be

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