Welcome to Homerules

This website compiles all custom game rules made by Toco . You are free to download and use them in your board games. And if you do not allready own one of the board games mentioned here, then go get them!

Each board game has its own webpage. Browse the games by clicking the menu buttons at the top or by using the links in the footer.

The author is in no way affiliated to the companies that designed and/or published the games refered to at this website. All homerules (a.k.a. houserules) are made by an enthousiastic fan. For fans. They are a tribute to various great gamesystems.


Complete board games designed by Toco:

  • Trolls fighting in an abstract strategy arena - Splut!
  • Build an empire, roll dice, conquer of the galaxy - Planet Masters
  • Rival syndicates are trying to take control of the city - Powerhouse
  • GI Joe miniatures quick 'n easy skirmish board game - Micro Forces PDF

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