News Update

All news about Planet Masters will be posted in this 'News Update' section.

  • The Wait is Over - 2013/04/08 - Stars of Hope, the second expansion is now available! Diplomacy reigns.
  • Shattered Throne Released - 2013/02/25 - The first expansion for Planet Masters is now officially released. (With art by Paul Harford.)
  • Rulebook v2 - 2013/02/21 - Version 2 of the rulebook is now released. With art by Paul Harford! The PDF have been completely revised and all rules are more clearly explained now. Thanks to feedback from playtesters there is now a glossary and an overview of all game components.
  • IV - 2013/02/07 - A fourth expansion " Frontiers of Space " is under development. Previews of the new expansion set will be posted on Boardgamegeek. There will be Flagships!
  • Rogue Planet - 2013/02/06 - A preview for the Nebusis promotional Planet Dice can now be found in the downloads section.
  • Preview 3 - 2013/02/05 - A preview for the third expansion "Distant Armada" is available for download now. (No Planets or other dice templates included in this version.)
  • Online Shop - 2013/01/30 - A boxed version of Planet Masters is now available for a limited time.
  • Graphics! - 2013/01/29 - More wonderful fan art for Planet Masters.

    Visit Paul Harford at GeekDo.
  • New Design - 2013/01/21 - Have a look at the new planet templates!
  • III - 2012/11/27 - The third expansion " Distant Armada " will add special characters and new player races. Behind the curtains shady pacts are made. Charismatic leaders plan to achieve what they are promising; wealth and power for their empire. The wits and guile of individuals can make huge differences in the outcome of galactic confrontations. Battles are won by the heroic acts of the right man in the right place. While distrust grows, the empires are reassembling their fleets into massive armadas if the need arises to defend what they have.
  • Roll for the Galaxy - 2012/11/16 - I am in no way affiliated to Rio Grande Games, but I'm very curious how their new dice game compares to mine...
  • Windows 7 - 2012/10/23 - The digital version of Planet Masters on Windows 7 is paused.
  • Preview 2 - 2012/06/22 - A preview for the second expansion "Stars Of Hope" is available for download now. (No Planets or other dice templates included in this version.)
  • Mobile - 2012/05/11 - Windows Phone 7 project started.
  • Artwork - 2011/12/26 - I've collected some older artwork from myself to edit into the website and rulebooks of Planet Masters.
  • Planet X - 2011/11/18 - A planet dice called Nebusis, based on the legendary Planet X or Nibiru (a.k.a. Nemesis or Elenin) would be a great idea for a promo dice. I'll post the WIP on ''.
  • II - 2011/10/24 - The second expansion "Stars of Hope" will add politics and the perils of deep space exploration.
  • Booby Traps - 2011/10/04 - Protect your planets with Minefields. With the "Shattered Throne" expansion your Cruisers can put an explosive defense in orbit. The enemy will think twice before attacking now...
  • Battleground - 2011/10/03 - The first expansion will add new strategies to obtain victory. All races will battle for control of the central planet "Solium Sphaera". He who controls this nerve center of the Galaxy will rule all. When you have Solium Sphaera, and you roll a Racial Ability on your own Home Planet Dice: YOU WIN immediatelly!
  • Publishing - 2011/10/02 - Quined White Goblin Games likes playing our game :)
  • Expansions - 2011/09/28 - Three expansions are currently under development. First in line will be: "Shattered Throne". The central government on Solium Sphaera has fallen. The planet is in turmoil. Social unrest divides the galaxy. The all consuming technology race between the empires has shattered the symbolic throne. Rivalry between the empires has never been this tense. Fleet sizes are rising. The amount of weapons is growing. The empire with the most advanced technological knowledge will seize control of the central megaplanet Solium Sphaera. He who controls Solium Sphaera reigns the universe.
  • PUBLIC RELEASE - 2011/09/27 - The remastered version is now available for download. Quickly, get the free "Budget Version" and start playing!
  • Templates - 2011/09/22 - Prototypes for the new game boards are created. The game boards will hold regular numbered dice that every gamer has in his collection. This eliminates the need for creating your own custom dice.
  • Art - 2011/09/21 - A worklist has been agreed upon regarding all the new artwork.
  • Re-theming - 2011/09/20 - Fiction writing for background stories about the gameworld and all races is initiated.
  • Budget - 2011/09/19 - To improve playability we have redesigned the DIY components. No cutting, folding nor glueing of game-components will be necesary anymore!
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