Components to play Planet Masters

Before you start, make sure you have following components available:

  • 8 Dice - A set of four dice per player are neccesary to play.
  • Rulebook and Game Boards - Print the PDF file from the Downloads section.

Creating the Universe

Each player has its own region where she/he places her/his game board, Planet and Weapon Dice. The uncontrolled region in the middle of the table is referred to as the "Galaxy".

  • Home Planet - Each player rolls the (black) Home Planet Dice and places it at her/his game board
  • Galaxy - Put the remaining (white) Planet Dice in the Galaxy.
  • Unconstructed Weapons - Put all the (red) Weapon Dice aside.


Players take turns. Each turn is divided in subsequent phases.

  • Building Phase - If any of your dice has Resource showing, you can build/reroll Weapon Dice. Spend one Resource to either receive a new Weapon Dice and immediately roll it, or to reroll one Weapon Dice you already have. You can have only one Weapon Dice per planet.
  • Planet Management Phase - Choose if you want to reroll your Home Planet Dice and/or any of your Planet Dice.
  • Action Phase - During your turn, you may either Conquer OR Vote.

Conquer (Action Phase)

Total your power to attack an opponent. You win the attack if your total attacking power is more than the opponent's defensive power. A winning attacker may choose one out of three options:

  • Invasion - Capture one of the defender's regular Planet Dice. Roll it and place it in front of you. (Remove opponent's Weapons Dice of her/his choice if not enough planets remain to support them.)
  • Destruction - Choose and remove one of the defender's Weapon Dice.
  • Pressure - Force the loser to reroll her/his Home Planet Dice immediately. (Ignore a "Transporter" result.)

Vote (Action Phase)

Name a player. If the vote passes then that player must lose one Weapon Dice. All players vote in favor or against, each player generates one vote, and adds one vote per Influence side showing. There must be a majority for a vote to pass.


A player wins the game if she/he controls 3 or more planets AND all these planets have Influence and/or Resource on top.

Design downloaded from free website templates.