About Planet Masters

Designed by Toco, this free DIY dicegame came into development after a contest started at boardgamegeek.com
Cheered by many, it came out first place. Now it is here for you to download and play during lunchtime. Conquering planets and building a galactic empire has never been this fast.

  • Free - The rules are free for personal use. Print 'n play!
  • Solid - All mechanics for planetary control and domain expansion are compiled into one small game.
  • Themed - Various races and a diverse set of weapons and encounters make no two sessions alike.
  • Strategy - Decide wisely what actions to take, diplomacy will not always win from aggression and vice versa. Be brave to alter your strategy, or lose grip on your planets...
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This Website

On this website you'll find all printable game components neccesary to play Planet Masters. The dicegame was developed to be as compact as possible, with as many gameplay and strategy options as possible.
Explore various links available to enjoy the rich community. Feel free to try the other games by the same designer.

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