Quick Overview

To actually play the game Powerhouse © we advise you download the PDF rulebook. In the following paragraphs we will only explain the basics of the game to create a general idea.

the Gameboard

Each player is the head of a Syndicate that's yearns to control The City. To gain influence you'll need to position your minions in various authority powerhouses.

The gameboard is divided in 9 Regions. There are 5 Powerhouses and 4 Neighborhoods. All Syndicate Minions start in the Neighborhoods.
The Neighborhoods are:
- South City
- Eastern Precinct
- West Field
- North Block.

Each Powerhouse must be conquered and has its own special rules when controlled.


Syndicates (players) take turns. Each Syndicate has the choice between two Actions each turn; Move or Assault.

Move one of your Minions to an adjacent Region. (Maximum 5 Minions per Powerhouse.)
One of your Minions attacks a Minion of a rival Syndicate at the same Region. Both Minions deal one damage to each other. Both Minions are removed from play. Each Minion can do one damage and has one life. During a normal Assault, the attacking Minion does one damage. The attacked Minions does one damage back as a reaction. This results in both Minions to lose one life. Remove both Minions from the board. Check if "The Razzia" is invoked immediately. (Damage is remembered only during the current turn.)

The Razzia:
To win Powerhouse © you'll need to control the more Regions than any other Syndicate when "The Razzia" is invoked. So, move and brawl your way in order to dominate the areas.
- The Razzia is invoked when certain Attrition (amount of Minions) is removed from play.
- You may never call upon "The Razzia" if this results in a draw!

A Syndicate with the most Presence (amount of Minions) in a Region, controls that Region.


- There is no maximum amount for Minions in any of the 4 Neighborhoods.

- There must be a minimum of 1 Minion in each Neighborhood at the start of the game. (No matter from which Syndicate, but there has to be one at least.)


- There can only be a maximum of 5 Minions per Powerhouse.

- The player with most Presence (amount of Minions) at a Powerhouse Region controls it.

- Each of your Minions generates one Presence. If you have more Presence than any of the other Syndicates at a Powerhouse, then you control that Powerhouse and you can use the special rules.

- There are 5 Powerhouses; University Hospital, Police HQ, Cathedral, City Hall and the Black Market. Each has its own special rules when you control it.

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